About YEEP!

About YEEP!

About YEEP!

YEEP! is a network of open, battery-powered parcel lockers, allowing all carriers and all consumers to pick-up and drop-off parcels in the heart of their local communities in an eco-friendly and convenient way.  

YEEP! was established in 2021 and is actively supported by our major shareholder, kernTerminal. 

kernTerminal has prioritised over £9m in two investment tranches with more in the pipeline, providing the hardware, software, technical support and product development as well as a wealth of knowledge in the parcel delivery arena.

Established over 20 years ago, kernTerminal is an innovative parcel locker network creator, with over 10 thousand lockers operational throughout Europe and across the World and a €55m turnover with more lockers being deployed by the day! 

10,000 + lockers worldwide and growing by the day!

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